Radical Acceptance: Guided Meditations by Tara Brach SKU: 38034

[NOTE: Download .mp3 TO COMPUTER - NOT iPHONE] Tara Brach offers nine guided meditations for healing difficult emotions, working with pain, arriving in full presence, opening our hearts and realizing our true nature. This set of guided meditations accompanies Tara Brach's book, Radical Acceptance. [Note: the Radical Acceptance CD set is now out of print and no longer available]


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The following meditations, drawn from classical Buddhist practices, awaken us from the trance of separation and fear. Whether the trance arises from a sense of unworthiness, victim-hood, endless striving or compulsive behavior, it prevents us from realizing and living from the radiance and fullness of our being. Radical Acceptance is a pathway home. These practices train us to meet life’s joys and sorrows with an awake and open heart. In those moments when we tap into unconditional loving presence, we rediscover the freedom and peace of our true nature. This set of guided meditations is provided here as an .mp3 download and accompanies Tara Brach's book, Radical Acceptance (Bantam, 2003). Included in the set are: 1-01 - Vipassana (Mindfulness Meditation 1-02 - The Power of Yes 1-03 - Embracing Life with a Smile 1-04 - Radical Acceptance of Pain 1-05 - Tonglen - Transforming Suffering into Compassion 2-1 - Cultivating a Forgiving Heart 2-2 - Invoking Loving Presence in the Face of Difficulty (a version of Tonglen) 2-3 - Coming Home to Natural Presence 2-4 - Realizing Our True Nature: Self-Inquiry A ReadMe file in .pdf with introduction and descriptions of each meditation.